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Community Moderators

$100 - $500/month

Genuine conversations and posts on your Telegram/Discord group lets potential investors & fans know that the lights are on, that your crypto project is legit, active and headed to the Moon

Are you tired of searching for freelancers, who are hard to trust & worried about getting poor quality service / results or unprofessionalism?


  • Different timezones moderations option for 24h coverage

  • Manage questions and answers by community members

  • Review and respond to user-generated content in timely manner

  • Respond to comments in order to foster a positive community

  • Answering questions related to the client’s services

  • Banning spam, fud and promotional messages

  • Designing and pinning group message based on whitepaper

  • Posting images or articles in the group shared by team

Are you interested in this service? Do you have any questions?

Talk to us over Telegram: @greymarketservices

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